Monday, May 2, 2011

Outstanding Scientific Women in last 100 years (1)

Francoise Barrè-Sinoussi, French, Virologist (1947-) 2008 Nobel Prize in Medicine, jointly with Luc Montagnier, for their discovery of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV); worked on characterising and isolating HIV; collaborated with molecular biologists on identifying the genome sequence of the virus; from this work was established the link between HIV and AIDS.

Marie Curie, Polish-born French, Physicist and Chemist (1867-1934)  Marie Sklodowska is the only person to be awarded a Nobel prize in two different sciences:  in 1903 in Physics, jointly with her husband Pierre Curie and Henri Becquerel for their work on radioactivity; and in1911 in chemistry for isolating radium in the state of the pure salt, and characterizing it as a new element.

She discovered that thorium is radioactive and then demonstrated the existence of two new radioactive elements:  radium and polonium.

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